Monday, August 29, 2011

Progress not perfection

So I did it...I have my first pendant published on etsy. I thought I would be really excited but surprisingly I'm completely underwhelmed. Wtf? I think this is the part where now I feel the anxiety of having to get more stuff up there. I brought my camera to the studio today so I can get some great photos of me wearing my wears but I'm so not wanting to start! Well I'll turn my attention to the positive...I got my business cards on Friday :) and I have all my jewelry in cute little bags with my logo on them. Definitely the hard part letting go of the perfection piece. I want my photos to be amazing...I am a photographer and all but I've always photographed other people...not used my self timer to photograph me!?! Ok ok enough of my complaining...I need to go take the photos put them up on etsy and move forward. oh and the other little thing I need to do that makes me feel really all my friends and family tonlet them see what I've been doing.

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