Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm the interviewed artist!

Told you I'd get back to artists, interviews and how-tos! Ok, well this is, in a round about way... I got a phone call from a journalist and wah-la! Yay!!! I was interviewed by Raleigh Downtowner!!!  The current issue is out around Raleigh but not yet up online.  
And the how-to part...well I got to do my first demonstration at the CMMAG meeting last thursday :)  It went 4 year old son was there to "help" me. And my art was very well felt so great! I've told myself a million times I don't need validation from other  people to make great art...but it sure helps when other artists I admire like my stuff! 
I'm slowly getting the business aspects of my art done too.  My goal is to have business cards and an etsy site in 2 weeks!  And to satisfy my inner lawyer I'm sending off my photographs to be copyrighted. Woohoo lots to do!!! I'll keep you posted :)

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