Friday, December 9, 2011

Ack where did November go?!?!

My head is spinning.  I'm so grateful for where I am in my life journey right now.  I remember all the times I was beyond frustrated with my art...times I wanted to throw everything away...when I cursed God for my overwhelming desire to create but didn't find a way to support myself with my talents.  Sometimes I felt that my prayers would never be answered.  In spite of my circumstances and because I am extremely stubborn I continued to make art.  Taking photographs or painting, making cards or garland Christmas trees  I found some serenity in creating just for arts sake.
And then while working on the mock up of a re-arrangeable piece, not expecting anything at all,  everything changed; I stumbled upon how to make my photographic gems. For all the times I've tried to plan the great stuff in my life I am now utterly convinced the surprises God gives to me are infinitely better than anything I could have thought up.
So here I am...I was in a few shows this fall and did really well.  I was feverishly excited to tell everyone about my new found art.  And this past show, the Boylan Height's Artwalk, I even received a compliment on my enthusiasm.
I know continuing on this path will have its ups and downs.  And still I am eager to see what the new year brings.  The message in my heart for then and through out the holiday season is have yourself and whatever Higher Power you believe in.  Your prayers will always be answered in the positive...even if it is "yes, but not now" or "I have something better".
Happy Holiday