Sunday, November 21, 2010

Remaining Positive

So looks like I don't have an artist for November.
Well'd think getting people to volunteer to be interviewed would be relatively easy...apparently not. I foolishly assume people are like me and ready to hop in front of a camera at any given moment.  I'm just so utterly surprised that this is not the case.  I mean come on where are those facebook people who post every minute detail of their lives to their 400 billion friends when you need them? I'd bet they would want to be publicity...their own youtube video link...this stuff is golden! Besides there is no cool art interview show out there...they could be with me on the cutting edge...I'm trying to change the future of artists everywhere!!! It'll happen like I've said I'm an optimist and if that doesn't work I'm overly ambitious and f*@king stubborn as a mule.  Well as my good friend said to me the other day (totally different context but I'm using it here anyway) The train is leaving and I'm on it...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Artist

Woohoo!!! Have my artist for November...the extremely talented urban illustrator Sean Kernick.  To check out his work go to


Hope to have his interview up mid-month. Don't know if there will be a how-to segment but I'm an optimist so we'll see...