Friday, January 21, 2011

Try Try Again

Second tries are vitally important.  Why? I have had several situations in my life where I tried something once and was on the verge of giving up when a friend suggested I try again...low and behold on the retry I got results.  Same thing happened with my intern posting! It has now been up since January 5th...sweet! Still waiting for the interns to submit their applications but I'm willing to be takes time for the right people to come along.
So until then this is what I have been doing...I emailed an artist about a collaboration, went on a tour of The Umstead's art collection, joined the Carolina Mixed Media Artist Guild, and almost finished an embroidery art piece I started this time last year.  And I thought I'd just be waiting around twiddling my thumbs (yea right!)
Still trying to mentally, emotionally, spiritually process what the next right step is.   What I have failed to mention thus far is what I actually do to make money and with the time I'm not arting...At stupid early times in the morning I clean model homes. A good first step back towards the working world as I was out of the game being a stay-at-home mom for over 3 years...oh that's what I still do with majority of my time...and well worth it! Anyway, the cleaning homes thing is by far completely not challenging and I recognize that the working world is calling me back but I'm not sure what to do...feeling overwhelmed and my head is full of a million marbles that I'm suppose to put back into some yet identified order. aaaaahhhhhh. So for the rest of tonight I'm going to let it all go. I'll try again tomorrow.   The Universe in all it's cosmic glory will figure out what to do with me.  I have a right place. And tonight it is right here.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year A New Idea I apologize to my readers and myself for not posting sooner...I have been procrastinating because nothing I'm trying seems to be yielding any results. (currently) My take on this...disappointment yes but also a weird unexplainable gratitude that for once I'm not running around trying to force things to happen.

So how I see my current time line and development...
First this project began as a way for me to be accountable for my art progress and gain motivation by connecting with other artists on a regular basis.

Then I ran into the complication of not finding artists who were willing to commit beyond the verbal "Yea that'd be great" so from this I gathered that I would need help with the videography and editing so more of my time could be spent contacting artists. And really I was uber excited about the idea of collaborating with other individuals who could offer ideas and technical skills to the video aspect of the interviews.

So I found an intern program through NCSU's film department and submitted a request form. The initial correspondence from the director seemed promising. I had asked if there were any requirements for the students to receive credit and sent the posting I wanted published.  His reply was a brief 'minimum of 10 hours' and no further explanation of my posting lacking any other needed criteria.  WELL...that was 3 weeks ago and my post still has not been added.
Slightly pissed off am I...why...well I was an intern for a music management company...completely legit...had their own office and such but what I learned hmmm...I stuffed envelopes and filed. Yes I could write on my resume I interned for such and such company but actual skills learned...none. Here I am offering a legitimate opportunity for students to actually USE video, lighting and sound equipment. To partake in the creative process and have finished productions they can use to procure a paying job. So, what, because I don't have a studio name what I have to offer doesn't warrant the same level of respect as "studio who is only using intern to do grunt work"?!?!?!

My current plan... I'm going to contact the director again. But if my post doesn't go up I'll be moving on...their loss.