Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moving forward slowly

I go to my art studio about 10 hours a week.  This is not nearly as much time as I would like but my life currently requires that I focus on a plethora of other things...raising my awesome 4 year old, taking care of the house, volunteering, exercising, meeting with know, life stuff.
With all that said I would like to state that I am making progress...albeit slowly.  I reached a bit of a milestone this past first photo shoot :) I've been talking with a photographer and make up artist for a few weeks;  coordinating schedules, hashing out ideas, and scouting locations.  We finally pulled it all together and I am thrilled with the results!
The purpose of the shoot for me is to have photos to send with my media kits.  I want to highlight myself and my jewelry...I think the photo does both wonderfully!
Now onto the fun? part of writing articles and sending them to publications...