Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art makes everything taste better

Recently my life has given me some hard pills to swallow.  Situations have left a very bad taste in my mouth. Thank God for art, the people within the art community and my ever amazing friends who have sweetened my life up again!

Laura and Val at The Center for Creative Leadership that invited and encouraged me to show my jewelry at their facility (and all those there that that have purchased my jewelry!).  
The Visual Art Exchange who offered me a warm welcome when I went to their general Sparkcon meeting  Then I went to the Fashionspark meeting and was rejuvenated with the enthusiasm its members.  
Traveling to Pittsboro  I met with Kitty the owner of LiquidAmbar ( 
 and left feeling hopeful and excited. 
Last week I went on a photo adventure with James Roddick who is the uber talented photog who took the photo of me in my last blog post. (
On thursday I have my Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild meeting which never fails to put an extra large smile on my face. 
And I am extra grateful for my husband, a professional musician that totally understands how important creativity is in my life,  who everyday makes sure I get to my art studio, urges me to get out into the art community and believes in me when I don't.

That's a whole lot of people who helped pull me out of this hole.  They didn't even know that their positive words and warm smiles made such a huge difference. Thank you, I never could have done it without you. 
So forward I go seeking more delicious people to traverse this savory, scrumptious, ambrosialappetizing, delectabledelightful, enticingexquisiteheavenlyluscious, mouthwatering life.