Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life lessons blah

So I've been happily making my jewelry at a pretty good pace for the last several weeks now :) yay! Well I always give my pieces test wears to make sure they fall right, don't turn, don't scratch, don't break... And well unfortunately every 1 out of 10 hairpins seems to fall apart after a few weeks. Damn. I've spent the last couple of weeks hunting for a more industrial strength glue that doesn't reQuire installing a ventilation hood in my art studio. It's overwhelming how toxic some of the adhesives are! I thought I would just use a quick fix on the hairpins I've already made...a drop of super glue and wah-la. No such luck. The super glue seeped into and onto every part of the hairpin leaving ugly white residue all over them :( so sad. Like 100 hairpins all messed up. Lesson learned...ALWAYS do a test sample before doing an entire batch. Seems pretty obvious as I would apply that knowledge to a material I hadn't used before but superglue...humph. Now I know, test it just in case. So where does that leave me wit the hairpins...I'm going to try and save them...I mean I am an artist and all and creative solutions are my thing! I went to ornamentea and bought diamond glaze...
So I tried it on a few...we'll see the results tomorrow...wish me luck!!!

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