Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clarity Comes

Ok, it's been over a month since my last post...and clarity has come.  At the end of January, during the Carolina Mixed Media Artist Guild meeting, an opportunity was presented to partake in their annual Kit Challenge.  The Challenge was to create a piece of art using 25 different items...oh, and it had to be completed in one month.  I was hesitant to sign up, but I knew it was the next right thing to, off I ran, full tilt.  The challenge was amazing...I'd let you know what I did, but I'm not allowed to post any photos until the opening on March 25th :) During my creative process, I came to realize that I'm ready to get out into the world; I'm taking my place as a professional artist.  I'm terrified, excited, overwhelmed, ecstatic, and very, very grateful.  This "coming-out" has been almost a decade in the making.  I've had a slew of support and inspiration, from the most amazing people I'm forever honored to call my friends.

All great stuff, but what now? My next step is applying to Artspace's Emerging Artist in Residence.  I'm recognizing that creating a recent portfolio and being able to articulate "what I do" as an artist is an imperative part of my growth.  Even if I don't receive the residency I'll be able to use what I've done to submit to galleries, universities and other art outlets.  Woohoo...I'm on a roll...and here's the kicker...if you've been following this blog you've read I'm attempting to interview artists and post how-tos, well I've had a lot of challenges; wanting help with the video, editing, and other technical stuff. I never got my intern BUT the mixed media artist guild might want to start putting out their own videos! That means I'll probably have to learn how to do the video stuff, but I'd have over 40 artists to interview...SWEET!!!! ANd knowing those amazingly talented women I wouldn't have to organize the thing myself...heck maybe I could even have a committee!  At the very least the video project could be incorporated with the retreat their planning.  All good leads in the right direction :)

Wow...all that in just over a month.  Clarity...definitely worth the wait!

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