Thursday, March 31, 2011


Mmmmm is usually associated with a tasty treat , but I'm mmmmming with furrowed brow.  I'm grumpy mmmming if you will.  Why? Well, I'm not exactly sure...things have been great recently. My tree was well received at the Kit Challenge...I was hired to dance for a motion capture project and photograph a food fight...even applied for Artspace Emerging Artist left my cleaning job.  But here I am  walking around my house pouting?!?!?  I keep thinking I want a break...I deserve a vacation for all my hard work...which may be partly true BUT it's all work I wanted to do! Just like this blog...I want to do why do I procrastinate writing?  I am frustrated with my own conflicting emotions. Do I say I want something because it sounds good, but then don't really want it because of the work it takes to make it happen? Oh please No! I don't want to be one of those people!  Ack. Ack. Ok, calming down. I'm not one of those people...I'm just tired...I'm slightly overwhelmed because I haven't learned to balance my time yet...I'll get there...I always do, just need to freak out for a second ( or minute or half a day) I mean really look at me..what am I doing, writing.  Not exactly what I set out to do with this blog but at least I'm doing something. Besides the video stuff is coming...I am going to edit my "creating of the tree" footage as well as video of the food there is some mmmmmm in a deliciously messy good way.

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