Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Not Going To Freak OuT

While birthing my child I had complete and total confidence in myself. I hadn't taken any lamaze classes or read any books about what to do when in labor...I just believed deep within myself that my body would intuitively take over and everything would be wonderful.  The entire experience was amazing...I found an inner strength that reaffirmed that everything was going to be ok.  So how is it that I can gracefully live through that experience but under the pressure of volunteer commitments and work obligations (ALL things I really want to do!) I feel myself melting towards a major freak out!?!?! I keep trying to tell myself it'll all get done, don't worry about it, breath, breath, breath...eekkk still edging towards freaking out.
I want to drink lots of coffee and stay awake all night to get everything off of my to-do list but that is just CrAZiNesS and will definitely lead to a bad day tomorrow. So what do I do? What do I do when the best I can do isn't good enough? Praying for a miracle or divine intervention seems like a really good idea right now!

Ugh...ok first things first. Prioritize.
1. I have over 100 pairs of earrings I have to wire-wrap. To get them all done will take 10-12 hours. I have not done any of them and need some of them for a store meeting tuesday and a show on friday.
If I do a couple hours tonight and the same tomorrow I can be half done with my wire-wrapping. At my studio monday I can resin the finished pairs and put findings on them before my meeting tuesday. manageable  :)
2. I need to make some super awesome pendants for jewelrySPARK.  I can't start those until I get to my studio on Monday so off the table right this minute.
3. Writing instructor contracts for the CMMAG retreat...I sent out the corrections today and am waiting for approval before I send the final drafts to the board. I can spend 30 minutes tonight filling out instructor information then finish the rest tomorrow. manageable.
4. I have 6 posts to various groups about VIP tickets for SPARKcon this will probably only take 30 minutes and I can do it tomorrow.

ok...well I guess those are the really pressing issues I have on my calendar. Everything else on my to-do list has been there for about a week so another week won't make that much of a difference :P

Well now I feel a little better. I guess it was overwhelming if I thought of it as one big mess of stuff to do but parsed out into organized bits it's not too bad...still lots to do but I can now say with confidence
I'm not going to freak out.

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