Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What am I doing!?!

I have been asking myself this question a lot recently. I feel like I'm running through the woods at night not sure if the trees look familiar because after awhile trees all look the same or if indeed I am running in circles. (side note... The good news is I do not feel like I am running through the woods in 6 inch heels while a crazy man with a chain saw is after me.) hmmm. Ok back to feeling lost.  Is it possible I have too many options or maybe I have too many options because I don't know what I really want.  Interestingly enough I know what I want in the long run so I guess I'm stuck on how to get there. Yup that feels right... What am I doing.... today to move in the direction of my dreams?  Hmm interesting I wasn't askIng myself the complete question.. No wonder clarity was so elusive!  Woohoo right question now right answer. Well damn all I'm coming up with is to resin my star ornaments, work on wire wrapping, answer emails and write this blog post. I was really hoping to be hit with a stroke of brilliance and drama. I suppose persistence will have to do for now... I'm watching the Avengers movie later that will be all my  hitting and drama for today :)
Off I go to be super persistent girl! Yeah I'll take that.

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